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A Care Brand:

In founding Help Humans LLC, my coaching and creative agency, I have created a platform to empower humans to be the author of their own story, amplify their voices, and cultivate their personal brands through innovative thinking and creative empowerment.


I Am What I Am Because...

I am no stranger to overcoming adversity. Born into a religious cult, I was separated from my parents and siblings at four and a half years old and spent two and a half years in foster care before reuniting with my family. This experience has had a profound impact on me, leading to struggles with c-PTSD, self-perception, self-esteem, anger, and anxiety throughout my childhood and early adulthood. It did not help being diagnosed and medicated for ADHD at 11 years of age.


Called To Re-humanize:

It was not until my early adult life, at the age of 26 and with a one-year-old child, that I faced my trauma and started the process of truly controlling my narrative, redefining who I am, and discovering my capacity to design my destiny. It was at this point that healing and personal growth truly began. Today, I am dedicated to living out my passion, vision, and legacy, while also empowering others to do the same.



I am incredibly proud to be married to my best friend and wife for over 14 years and to have the privilege of raising five wonderful boys together. My family is my oasis. I credit my wife for being a huge part of my healing process, as her love and grace served as a healing balm to my soul. My children have taught me how to lead, ignited my passion and childlike creativity, and helped heal the younger version of myself by creating new experiences with them. Having a close connection with my parents and four older siblings has been the cornerstone of my existence. I am blessed to have parents who love and cherish their kids. Their resilience in overcoming so much has been the model for the Fantroy name. My family is where I get my flavor to salt the world with.


Spiritual Journey:

After dedicating 14 years to Christian ministry as a pastor, leader, and teacher, I chose to step away to live out my faith beyond the four walls and engage in self-love and self-discovery. This journey involved reclaiming my humanity (re-humanize), reevaluating my faith, addressing traumas, and expanding my perspectives. Renewing and growing the relationship with myself has been everything that I've been looking for. Having spent years helping humans connect to God, I am now focused on helping humans connect with themselves, where the spirit of God dwells. Just because I stepped "out of the four" doesn't mean I stepped away from the call of God on my life to serve humanity.


I'm Here To H.E.L.P.:

Whether I am helping you design your brand or content creation as a brand designer, or assisting you in cultivating above-level thinking as a human developer, my approaches may be unique, but my core purpose remains the same: to Help Humans.

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